Online same day payday loans -Where to get a same day payday loan online?

Where to get a same day payday loan online?

Superb Bank is rightfully considered the largest bank in Russia. The credit institution is trusted by hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The bank offers several profitable lending programs. Here, small business representatives can receive a loan for various needs (for development, expansion, reconstruction, replenishment of working capital, liquidation of the cash gap, etc.) under collateral, without collateral, with a guarantee and other options.

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Superb Bank serves hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen. You can open a current account in a bank, deposit available funds on a deposit account, and also issue a letter of credit, a guarantee, a loan.

In other words, the bank offers a full range of services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Special attention deserves credit programs in Superb Bank.

They offer loans here:

  • up to – 3,000,000 – 17,000,000 rubles ;
  • for the period – up to 1 – 10 years;
  • at the rate of 12.98-19.00% per year.

Moreover, Superb Bank does not charge a fee for processing a loan, as well as for early repayment.

Ways of registration

A loan for a small business consists of several stages:

  • initial consultation or online application;
  • consultation with the loan officer who will conduct the transaction (issues related to credit conditions, requirements, list of documents, etc.);
  • collection of documents and their submission to the bank;
  • waiting for a decision (usually does not exceed three days);
  • preparation of documentation, signing a loan agreement;
  • receiving money on the current account.

Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

The table shows current offers with standard credit terms for small businesses in Superb Bank:

Credit program Amount Rate Period Availability of bail / surety
Express Mortgage Up to 7,000,000 From 16.5% Up to 10 years The guarantee of an individual, the pledge of acquired real estate
Express bail 3,000,000 – 7,000,000 16-23% 6-36 months Surety
The trust 3,000,000 From 19.0% Up to 3 years
Business Trust From 18.98% Up to 4 years
Business Turnover From 150,000 From 14.8% Pledge, guarantee or guarantee
Business Overdraft Up to 17,000,000 From 12.98% Up to 12 months Surety

Business start

Business start 

Until recently, Superb Bank offered an excellent business start credit program. This loan was intended for aspiring businessmen who only want to start their own business.

According to the program, a novice businessman provided a business plan and the necessary documents, after studying which, Superb Bank offered favorable credit terms:

  • amount – up to 3,000,000 rubles ;
  • period – up to 42 months;
  • rate – 17.5-18.5% per year;
  • pledge – acquired property for business.

To date, the program is suspended.

Superb Bank business loan from scratch

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Superb Bank can receive a loan for opening and running a business from scratch, only as an individual.

The bank offers various options for lending to individuals: consumer loans, loans secured by property.

Such loans can be arranged for various needs, including the opening of your own business.

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Without collateral

Without collateral

For business, Superb Bank offers several loan program options without providing collateral or a guarantee:

  1. “Trust” – a loan can be drawn up for any purpose, the provision of collateral is not required. The loan period is no more than 3 years, the rate is from 19.0% per year, the amount is up to 3,000,000 rubles.The term for making a decision is no more than three days. An additional advantage of this transaction is the absence of commissions.
  2. “Business Trust” is a loan that allows you to finance business needs without providing collateral. But a loan must be guaranteed.There are no loan commissions, the loan period is extended to 4 years, the amount reaches 3,000,000 rubles, the rate is from 18.98% per year.



The bank does not stand in one place and constantly introduces new technologies. Today, business representatives can submit an initial application for an online loan issue. To do this, you must fill out a special form on the official website.

As for further actions to apply for a loan, representatives of a legal entity need to collect the package of documents requested by the bank and submit it to the bank personally.

After the bank has processed the application, it is necessary for authorized persons to sign the loan agreement and other documents accompanying the transaction.

Package of documents

Package of documents 

Superb Bank to consider the issue of granting a loan to a small business requires the following list of documents:

  • application form;
  • passport of an individual entrepreneur/founders of a legal entity;
  • constituent and registration documents;
  • documents related to economic, economic, financial, legal activities.

A more detailed list that needs to be prepared can be found here.

Interest rates

Interest rates 

Interest rates on loans to small businesses as well as other parameters of the transaction depend on the chosen program.

Minimum rates – from 12.98-19% per year. But these figures are basic, the bank will be able to report the final loan rates only after studying the financial condition of the company.

Requirements for the borrower

Requirements for the borrower 

Superb Bank does not make too strict and impracticable requirements for its borrowers.

The main requirements for customers are as follows:

  • credit programs for small businesses are available only to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities whose annual revenue does not exceed 60,000,000 rubles ;
  • the period of doing business is from 3 to 24 months (the period depends on the credit program);
  • the presence of a current account in the department to which the potential borrower applied.

Maximum and minimum amounts

Maximum and minimum amounts 

Limits on credit programs are set for each client individually, depending on their solvency.

The basic numbers in the loan programs are as follows:

  • minimum – from 150,000 rubles ;
  • the maximum is 17,000,000 rubles (overdraft).



The period of lending to small businesses depends on the program for which the company claims, as well as on its financial condition.

The terms vary from 1 year (overdrafts) to 10 years (loans for real estate).

Development loans, urgent needs of the enterprise usually do not exceed 3-4 years.

Superb Bank also focuses on the fact that it does not charge a fee for early repayment of loans.

How to repay?

How to repay?

The loan is repaid by a legal entity or entrepreneur in a standard non-cash way: from its current account to a loan (credit) account, which the bank opens in the name of the client on the day of crediting.

Payment of the loan is made monthly according to the repayment schedule attached to the loan agreement.

There are also non-standard repayment schemes, taking into account the conduct of business (several times a month, quarterly, with a delay in the payment of principal, etc.).

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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of cooperation with Superb Bank are obvious to many regular and new customers of a credit institution, among the main ones:

  • many loan programs;
  • individual solution for each borrower;
  • optimal terms of studying the documentation of customers and making decisions on the amount, terms and other conditions of lending;
  • the possibility of lending without providing liquid collateral and surety;
  • obtaining a loan for any purpose and needs of the enterprise.

As for shortcomings, it is important to understand that it is impossible to get into the lending programs for small businesses, who only plan to open their own business.

The bank lends on small business programs only to legal entities and entrepreneurs whose work period is at least 3-24 months (depending on the credit program and business specifics), and there are also positive financial indicators (turnover on current accounts, profit, etc.).